Admission Bachelor's Degree in Geology

Course access

Students wishing to take this course have different access routes, depending on their previous studies:

Type of access Option Entrance mark 20/21
Secondary school diploma + University entrance exam (PAU) and CFGS (Advanced professional training) Weighted subjects pertaining to the PAU specific phase:
  • Biology (0.1)
  • Earth and Environmental Sciences (0.2)
  • Physics (0.2)
  • Mathematics (0.2)
  • Chemistry (0.2)
University access for people over 25 Sciences ---
Other Employment record for people over 40
Entrance exams for people over 45
Degree holders
Change of studies and validations



Pre-enrolment code


Student Profile

The ideal student for this course should have the following qualities:

  • Interest for language, culture and literature
  • Capacity for logical reasoning
  • Capacity to observe and reflect
  • Manual dexterity and spatial conception
  • Capacity to work in groups with people from other cultures and in different international fields
  • Good level of knowledge of scientific subjects
  • Good level of English

Additional training

The Faculty of Science offers preparatory courses during September, before the start of the academic year.

  • Physics for Science
  • Mathematics for Science Students
  • Chemistry for Science

Access related information

Check all the information related to university access routes here: secondary school students, CFGS students, over 25 years old and over 45 years old.

You will also find information on other access routes (accredited work experience, changing from a foreign university) and other access routes for pre-university international students (international students: secondary school in the EU, international students: secondary school outside the EU) and for university students and graduates (reincorporations, EU university students, non EU university students and university graduates).