Bachelor's Degree in Art History

This is the only degree of the Catalan University System which provides a global vision of the History of Art and does not focus solely on the artistic manifestations of the European continent.

General information

Bachelor's Degree in Art History

This degree provides the training needed by future historians with specialisations in artistic productions, art theory and in techniques applied throughout the different artistic periods.

It contains a vast amount of optional subjects which permit students to delve into matters rarely incorporated into these types of studies, such as the art of Asia, pre-Columbian art, art and gender, and photography.

This degree is ideal if you are:

  • You are interested in the ancestral creations in order to have a better understanding of the present.
  • You wish to learn about the current artistic manifestations being produced around the world.
  • You are curious about history and in general about the cultural evolution in the past.
  • You have a predisposition for the humanities.
  • You would like to gain experience by enrolling in a work placement.
  • You find it a plus that part of your training is in English.
  • You would like to develop a critical spirit towards the different artistic productions of the past and the present.
  • You wish to learn what is taught at universities abroad through mobility programmes.
  • You aim to master the fundamental tools and skills needed to understand artistic manifestations, interpret them, manage them and become an expert in the subject.

Career options

Career options are open in various fields:

  • Teaching in secondary and higher education centres, arts & crafts schools, tourism schools and design schools.
  • Cataloguing, conservation and management of the art heritage in the public and/or private sector (museums, archives, libraries, etc.)   
  • Exhibition curating.   
  • Dissemination of art heritage (cultural tourism, programming for museums, cultural centres, etc.). 
  • Valuation of art works.     
  • Assessment to auctioneers and art galleries.
  • Art critic.
  • Research and knowledge transfer.
  • Documentation and assessment to publishers.
  • Consultancy services to the media (documentation, production and dissemination of art history content).

Mobility programmes

Professional training


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