Admission Bachelor's Degree in Translation and Interpreting

Course access

Those wishing to take this course have different access routes depending on their previous studies.

Type of access Preference of access Admission mark 23/24

From Upper Secondary School + University entrance exam (PAU) and from CFGS (Advanced professional training)

Weighted subjects pertaining to the PAU specific phase:

  • Audiovisual Culture (0.1)
  • Greek (0.2)
  • History of Philosophy (0.2)
  • Catalan Literature (0.2)
  • Spanish Literature (0.2)
  • Latin (0.2)

German 5.000

English 6.995

French 5.000

University access for people over 25 Arts and Humanities Option --- German / 5.000 English / --- French

Employment record for people over 40


Entrance exams for people over 45 --- German / 5.000 English /--- French
Degree holders --- German / 5.000 English / 5.000 French
Change of studies and validations  

Students choosing English as their B language must take a language level test (Prova d'aptitud personal, PAP). Students choosing French or German must sign up for an interview.

Pre-enrolment code

21058 (German)
21064 (English)
21065 (French)

Student Profile

The students must have, in their B language (English, French or German) a minimum level corresponding to level B1 (for French or German) or B2 (for English) of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages: Learning, teaching, assessment.

Special entrance exams:

  • Students choosing French or German as their B language must accredit their level with an official certificate or, in the case of not possessing one, hold an interview with FTI lecturers to verify that their level is adequate.
  • Students choosing English as their B language must take an English level test.

  • New students without sufficient knowledge of Spanish or Catalan (foreign students or those from other Spanish autonomous communities where Catalan is not an official language) must take a course in one of these languages in special groups, so as to gain enough command to be able to work out of them.

Additional training

The Faculty of Translation Interpreting offers preparation courses in B1 (English, French and German) for first-year students.

Access related information

Check all the information related to university access routes here: secondary school students, CFGS students, over 25 years old and over 45 years old.

You will also find information on other access routes (accredited work experience, changing from a foreign university) and other access routes for pre-university international students (international students: secondary school in the EU, international students: secondary school outside the EU) and for university students and graduates (reincorporations, EU university students, non EU university students and university graduates).