You can now travel between the 36 municipalities of the AMB with T-mobility


The 1-zone and 1-zone T-usual, including also single-parent and large families, can now be charged with a rechargeable card or mobile (Android with NFC, for now) with the same usual conditions and prices.


T-mobility is the new traveling system on the public transport network in Barcelona Metropolitan Area (36 AMB municipalities) and it has been available since the end of 2021. The tikets currently available with this system are: the T-usual and the T-young, also with bonuses for single-parent and large families. The new incorporation of the other titles of the Integrated Tariff System and for the rest of the zones of the Barcelona area will be progressively added, as they will be developed in the following stages of deployment of the project during the following months of 2022.

The system allows you to travel by using the card or your phone.

The card has a purchase price of 4.5 euros, and can be obtained in person or online.

In person, the card can be purchased at various points of attention on the public transport network, including the new T-Mobility Center. You can check the available points and the services offered on this map. There are indicated different helpdesks that, despite not offering the purchase of the card, in there you can manage incidents or other needed procedures. Most of them require an appointment.

Online: The card can be officially requested through the T-Mobility, TMB and FGC websites. You can also apply for registration through the TMB App phone application.


Travel with your mobile phone

In addition to the card, there is the possibility of traveling directly with your phone, by now, only in case of owning an Android device with NFC (later adapted to iOS). Whoever uses this option must register themselves in the system, in one of the available platforms and generate an electronic wallet that costs 1 euro: T-mobility app , TMB app and FGC. Through this digital wallet you can purchase the ticket of your choice and validate the access in the public transport.


About 40,000 validations daily with T-jove

Currently, there are more than 40,000 people under the age of 25 who have acquired T-mobility, and there are about 40,000 validations daily with the T-jove and T-jove FM / FN 1 zone title.

Channels of attention and doubts

Since the beginning of last October, T-mobility has been making available different channels and accounts opened to the public to resolve any doubts and incidents:

Users can also visit the FAQ section of the website and the T-mobility Youtube channel, where you can find different videos that explain how to get a T-mobility or how to travel with your phone, among many other indications.

In addition to different T-mobility channels, the operators still attend the public through their usual channels.

Please note that the use of the mask is mandatory in all public transport services.

Official press release.