Logo Serra Hunter Serra Hunter Programme Hiring offer for the first call of the Serra Hunter Program 2019 [+]
Portada libro Book Presentation about Digital Tools for communicators with 28 essays and a directory of 60 resources The Department released a digital book that gathered 18 essays from professors and researchers from around the world, and created a directory of tools grouped in five big categories.
Revista Designis International deSignis Colloquium 2019 New narratives, new media: Twenty years of deSingniS Magazine [+]
Cartel Seminario VI INTERNATIONAL SEMINAR Communication, Development and Human Rights. April 10th and 11th Toward the promotion of egalitarian and multicultural societies. [+]



Department of Journalism and Communications Studies
Edificio I
08193 Bellaterra
(Campus UAB,
Cerdanyola del Vallès)
TEL +34 93 581 15 45
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