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Critical Thinking

Critical Thinking - Jordi Vallverdú

Do you want to improve your critical thinking skills? In our everyday life, we are constantly giving reasons to believe things and take decisions. In this introductory course you will learn how to identify arguments, how to evaluate them, and how to avoid fallacies, and believing mistakes that lead to the formation of bad Beliefs. Or to think about the misuse of such tools!   

Critical argumentation is a practical skill that needs to be learnt, from the very beginning, through the use of real examples of arguments. The real arguments we will analyze in the course will give practice in putting the desired skills to work. The methods presented are based on the latest state-of the-art techniques developed in argumentation theory and informal logic, as well as the most updated discoveries on cognition and argumentation.      

During the course we will organize an Argument Debate, where the students could put into practice the different learnt skills. There are no prerequisites to this course.     

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