Governing bodies of the Department

Department Council

This council consists of all teaching staff holding a PhD, two representatives of the non-PhD academic staff, five representatives of the researchers-in-training, two representatives of the administration and services staff, and one third-cycle student representing the Department’s students. The representatives and their substitutes are chosen by secret ballot in free, open elections, as established in the Electoral Regulations of the UAB. Representatives are elected for a three-year term.

The following are the main responsibilities of the Department Council:

  • Drawing up and approving the Department Regulations, electing the director, and approving the list, distribution and payment of the Department’s expenses.
  • Writing an annual report of the Department’s activities and planning and coordinating the Department’s educational activities.
  • Calling for staff applications and choosing the members of the selection committee.

Executive Committee:

This committee consists of the director, a member responsible for economic affairs, a representative of each unit, a PhD student and the manager of the Department.

Management Committee

This committee consists of the director, a member responsible for economic affairs, the secretary and the third-cycle coordinator.

 Management Committee 

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