Parc de Recerca

Human & social sciences

The UAB Campus has a great tradition in humanities research, ranging from economics, politics, communication, education and sociology, to history, anthropology or philology.


Law and Legal Studies
  • Legal advice 
  • Advice on policy and equity plans 
  • Advice on corporate social responsibility 
  • Advice on democratic awareness campaigns 
  • Development of plans for social reintegration 
  • Advice on policies to prevent crime 
  • Advice on issues of digital privacy and hackers  
  • Modelling the right of Internet users

Education and educational policies
  • Advice on learning methods
  • Development of protocols and education plans
  • Advice and design of social intervention programs with children and adolescents
  • Advice on the integration of ICT in education
  • Advice on the effective use of language
  • Advice on education policies
  • Trainer training
  • Psychology counselling
  • Design, development and publication of educational materials
  • Design and implementation of educational activities
  • Assessment and evaluation of social inclusion processes

Business and organizations
  • Advice on the strategic development of organizations 
  • Analysis and plans for improving productivity 
  • Advice on optimizing resource allocation 
  • Efficiency studies of public enterprises 
  • Market analysis and sector work 
  • Advice on corporate social responsibility

Socioeconomic and Public Policy Studies
  • Development of socio-economic reports 
  • Advice on labour policies 
  • Studies on electoral participation and politics
  • Advice on international and intercultural policies 
  • Advice on the management of migration flows 
  • Consulting, design, implementation and evaluation of social intervention programs 
  • Consulting, design and evaluation of public policies 
  • Identification and analysis of social and personal networks
  • Advice on research ethics 
  • Advice on the design of social research and survey analysis 
  • Designing local development models
  • Advice and information about citizen attitudes and values

Environmental management
  • Design of local development models
  • Advice on land management
  • Analysis of territorial mobility
  • Reconstruction of traditional-historical landscapes
  • Studies of environmental and economic impact assessment
  • Design of development and sustainability projects
  • Geographic Information Systems 

Psychological and psychosocial
  • Advice on socio-affective relationships
  • Studies of the psychosocial impact of technical innovations
  • Consulting services for participatory processes
  • Development of affective software
  • Advice on the prevention of occupational risk 

Health and Society
  • Advice on the prevention of occupational risks
  • Advice on the prevention of harmful traditional practices.
  • Indicators of the standard of living of the population
  • Social studies of health from a gender perspective

language and translation
  • Advice and linguistic correctness
  • Advice on digital communication
  • Development of good practice manuals on linguistic diversity
  • Advertising plans and optimization of advertising resources
  • Automatic processing of textual information
  • Advice on Computer Assisted Translation tools
  • Creating, accessing and analyzing databases
  • Publication of texts, brochures and promotional material
  • Bibliographic information service
  • Audiovisual design and production
  • Development of guidelines for critical reading
  • Legal translations
  • Building lexical tools
  • Advice on editing and translating works and historical texts
  • Advice on the communication of large events
  • Development of guidelines for critical reading
  • Translation trainer training
  • Education and media 

Evaluation of historic and cultural heritage
  • Historical advice
  • Valuation of bibliographic and documentary heritage 
  • Advice on cultural policy 
  • Cultural management: creation and organization of cultural activities 
  • Publication of scores and CDs 
  • Theatrical advice 
  • Advice to publishers 
  • Technical analysis and dating of artwork