Parc de Recerca

Materials & energy

The UAB Campus hosts several research centres working on the innovation of new materials and power generation processes.


Management of primary sources
  • Biological processes for the removal of H2S gas content as biogas or natural gas
  • Bioelectrochemical hydrogen production
  • Reducing net CO2 emissions
  • Bioreactors for biological collection of CO2
  • Biological collection of CO2  

Power generation
  • Water and waste gas treatment technologies
  • Manufacture of power devices
  • Systems to improve efficiency and reduce energy consumption, with particular emphasis on applications, transportation, aerospace, renewable energy and automotive power distribution
  • Radiation detection in high-energy physics and medical imaging
  • Gas detection
  • Materials to generate photovoltaic energy
  • Materials for storing and converting energy
  • Materials for the generation, storage and use of energy
  • Plastic-based materials for flexible solar panels
  • New sustainable methods for obtaining and storing energy
  • Biological transformation of natural products into energy products (Energy recovery from different waste substances created in industrial processes to generate value-added products such as biofuels) 

The energy at the point of consumption
  • Improve the wireless transmission of electrical energy
  • Superconductors for application to levitating trains
  • Development and construction of superconducting wires
  • Microelectronic systems for remote site water / gas / electricity
  • Advanced systems for diagnosis of the state of the current electricity and gas infrastructure
  • Algorithms for optimal management of electric vehicle top-up
  • Advanced systems for diagnosis of the state of existing infrastructures
  • Output devices
  • Control systems environments and people 

Materials & devices
  • Biomaterials and materials for drug delivery and diagnostics
  • Materials for energy and the environment
  • Design of materials for communication sciences and electronics
  • Optical materials
  • High-performance micro and nano devices for biological and biomedical applications.
  • BioInterfaces and application of nanomaterials to public health and environmental health
  • Portable multiparameter optical system for counting and / or analysis of organic (microorganisms) and inorganic suprananometric particles.
  • Material for manufacturing heavy metal sensors that are small, low cost, high sensitivity, and respect the environment. 

  • Technology for the fabrication of functional AFM probes
  • Methods based on emerging nanolithographies to manufacture nanometre scale structures and devices of interest for integrated micro/nano systems.