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Environment and sustainability

The UAB-CIE Sphere hosts several centres of excellence working to address and improve social and environmental management.


  • Minimising environmental impact
  • Tools for sustainability and environmental prevention
  • Tools for the prevention of forest fires
  • Tools for studying changes in the territory and territorial planning and management
  • Predicting levels of pollens and spore allergens 
  • Prevention of invasions of exotic vegetable species
  • Detection of sick buildings 
  • Forest regeneration
  • Maintaining and improving soil health 

  • The consequences of human activity on terrestrial ecosystems
  • Microsystems and sensors for environmental monitoring
  • Microsensors for the diagnosis of allergies
  • Analysis of the environmental impact of tourism
  • Remote Sensing and Geographic Information Systems
  • forest inventories
  • Environmental impact of economic activity 

Elimination of
  • Nutrient removal wastewater
  • Degradation of environmental pollutants by biological processes
  • Reuse of waste 

Energy generation
  • renewable energy sourcess
  • Materials for the generation, storage and use of energy 

  • Local development strategies that enable rural areas to reach a more sustainable peak
  • Management of natural areas
  • Environmental analysis and land use using satellite images and GIS, with special attention to the water system
  • Improved mobility and territorial transport system management
  • Managing mountain areas
  • Coastal zone management and marine activities
  • Sustainable tourism and local development
  • Application of economics and evolutionary models to resources, environmental policy and institutional problems
  • Support the definition of climate policies
  • Eco-innovation for environmental improvements of products and services