Parc de Recerca

Support for business creation

The creation of companies is one of the main pathways for transferring knowledge to society and offer new openings to the professional markets.Under the program UABEmpren, the Park promotes entrepreneurial spirit and offers a series of services for the promotion and successful achievement of the company creation and growth.
If you are a researcher and have an innovative idea wich can become a product and/or service, the UAB Office of Recovery and Patents helps you to assess its potential and protect it. And if the result of this process, the creation of a company is a useful and appropriate tool to transfer the results to the market, from the UAB Research Park will support the main stages in the entrepreneurial project:

Project definition
We help you in the search for a business model for your entrepreneurial project.

Structuring the entrepreneurial team 
An entrepreneurial project requires a team of people who give reliability and confidence to potential investors. We help you to configure this team and seek, if it is necessary, profesional profiles that complement the project team. 
Preparation of Business Plan
We support the execution of the business plan and also we have the support of business schools as well as programs that supports entrepreneurship. 

Project validation
We help you to validate your business plan.

Creation of the company
We arrenge the constitution of the company. PRUAB is a Help desks for Entrepreneurs (PAE) of CIRCE, an information system that makes it possible to setup online various forms of mercantile societies in Spain..

Search for Funding 
The implementation of a entrepreneur project requires, at the beginning, the team to invest economic resources. These funds are necessary but not sufficient. With the support networks of investment, we try to respond to the financing needs of business projects in the early stages. 
We have incubation spaces for start ups, adapted to the needs of entrepreneurs at different stages of growth.