The UAB promotes graduate studies with international mobility

The UAB promotes graduate studies with international mobility

In accordance with its profile as a cutting-edge university offering high-quality, diverse, multidisciplinary and flexible teaching, the UAB consolidates its offer in master's degrees which include international mobility, with over twenty official and UAB-specific master's degrees.

The UAB promotes graduate studies with international mobility


Master's degrees with international mobility offer the possibility of studying a programme at different centres, with lecturers from other countries and work placements in institutes and businesses abroad. They allow students to broaden their knowledge and academic and professional curriculum vitae, discover new cultures and have an enriching experience.

These courses reflect the will of the university to complement its vast offer in master's degrees and graduate diplomas. The objective is to meet both the demands of local students wanting to spend part of their studies at other universities abroad, and that of students from universities in other countries coming to the UAB.

With the aim of helping those interested in these programmes, the UAB launches a full list with the offer of all graduate studies with international mobility which include both the official master's degrees, and all Erasmus Mundus, and UAB-specific master's degrees.

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Master's Degrees and Graduate Diplomas with International Mobility


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