The "UAB Barcelona Summer School" opens to UAB students


For the first time, UAB undergraduate and postgraduate students can take part in the UAB Barcelona Summer School, the UAB's international summer school, which this year increases the number of courses offered.


Courses range from business management to IT, bioscience, audiovisual communication, education and psychology.

Undergraduate and postgraduate students will be able to join a linguistic and knowledge immersion in an international environment with students originating from more than 15 different countries: United States, Canada, Australia, United Kingdom, Switzerland, France, Morocco, Egypt, Germany, Italy, Singapore, China, South Korea, and many more.
This programme will give students the opportunity to participate in an international stay at the UAB. Students can enrol in up to a total of 12 ECTS (one subject per period), and undergraduate students can validate these credits as optional credits for their degree.
The UAB Barcelona Summer School offers a variety of subjects in many areas of knowledge, each worth 6 ECTS, with the possibility of academic recognition. The courses are 100% in English and are taught in two periods lasting three weeks each, from the end of June to the beginning of August.
Of the total course offer, undergraduate students can take up to two courses per year, which cannot form part of their study plan, and which will be added to their academic transcript without a numeric qualification, only a pass or fail. They have the chance to take 15 % of the total ECTS of their degree through courses offered by the UAB Barcelona Summer School. 
The course offer is widely varied and ranges from business management, IT and bioscience, to audiovisual communication, education and psychology, just to name a few. The courses, in their majority, are offered by university lecturers. 
This international offer began in 2016 with 5 courses and fifty students, in the following edition, in 2017, the course offer and the number of students were doubled, with 12 subjects and 100 students, while this year the programme offers 15 courses taught entirely in English. 
Registration for a UAB student is 200 Euros for a course worth 6 ECTS. Once this subject is passed, to validate the credits, students must pay a minimum of 15% of the official price per credit.


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