A score of 13.352 in Physics+Mathematics is once again the highest entrance mark in Catalonia

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The cut-off marks corresponding to the first enrolment period for the 2017/2018 academic year confirm the great demand for UAB undergraduate courses. The UAB's joint bachelor's degree in Physics+Mathematics is once again the one with the highest cut-off mark in Catalonia (13.352), while 22 other bachelor's degrees have cut-off marks above 10.


Twenty-one UAB bachelor's degrees have cut-off marks which are higher than 10

As has happened in the past years, the UAB's combined degree in Physics and Mathematics has the highest cut-off mark in Catalonia, with 13.352 over 14.

A total of 22 UAB bachelor's degrees have cut-off marks which are above 10. These degrees are: Physics+Mathematics (13.352), Medicine (UAB-Pompeu Fabra University) (12.840), Philosophy, Politics and Economics (A4U) (12.610), Physics+Chemistry (12.440), Medicine (UAB) (12.365), Biomedical Sciences (12.330), Genetics (11.850), Veterinary Medicine (11.534), Physics (11.420), Biochemistry (11.267), Biotechnology (11.247), Microbiology (11.052), Mathematics (10.740), Nanoscience and Nanotechnology (10.725), Early Childhood Education+Primary Education (10.720), Advertising and Public Relations (10.660), Biology (10.526), Criminology+Law (10.370), Political Science and Public Administration+Law (10.328), Environmental Biology (10.292), Nursing (UAB) (10.280), and Physiotherapy (UAB) (10.062).

The UAB's ten most popular bachelor's degrees are Medicine, Psychology, Veterinary Medicine, Primary Education, Journalism, Business Management and Administration, Law, Computer Engineering, Physiotherapy and Genetics.

A total of 8,501 new students have been assigned to the UAB this year. Enrolment for first-year students who have been admitted to their first option studies will take place starting on 13 July. The UAB offers its new students an enrolment website with information on necessary documents, timetables, payment options and other aspects of the enrolment process.

More information: First-year enrolment


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