New psychological services for gender violence victims


The UAB offers psychological assistance to victims of gender violence through the Servei de la Unitat Psicogènere at the Faculty of Psychology. The management and development of this service is done in coordination with the UAB Observatory for Equality.


The implementation of the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona's protocol against sexual harassment and any harassment related to gender, sexual orientation, sexual identity or sexual expression, passed in July 2016, has demonstrated the need to reinforce the psychological services offered to victims of gender violence.

The Psychogender Unit, which forms part of the Strateic Services and Projects in Psychology (SIPEP, for its initials in Catalan) of the Faculty of Psychology, is the one in charge of offering these services, which have been reactivated this 2017/18 academic year after a brief period of inactivity, with the incorporation of someone who will attend all those in need of support on Wednesdays from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.  

Services include offering psychological support, assessment and monitoring for people who have experienced or are currently experiencing abusive relationships or gender violence. Friends and families of victims can also receive assessment and support to help them detect signs of violence and know how to act.

In order to work efficiently, the Psychogender Unit collaborates with a variety of centres, many of them public, with the aim of offering services which best adapt to the needs and demands of each person.

The management and development of this psychological and psychosocial assistance service on behalf of the Psychogender Unit is done in coordination with the UAB Observatory of Equality.

E-mail address:
Psychologist: Arantxa Sabanés. Unitat Psicogènere, SIPEP.
Faculty oif Psychology. Building B. UAB Campus.
Tel. 93 581 2901 (Marta Galán);
SIPEP: Mondays and Thursdays 93 581 3754 (Mª Pau González, Coordinator) or Head of Academics: 93 581 1980 (Margot Pujal).

UAB Observartory of Equality
93 581 2929

More information: Psychogender Unit website


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