New Health and Sustainability Plan 2018-2022 passed


The latest UAB Governing Council meeting passed the new Health and Sustainability Plan (2018-2022), which includes a series of initiatives focused on improving the health of community members and sustainability on campus.


In the latest meeting held on 3 May, the governing council passed the new Health and Sustainability Plan (2018-2022). The plan continue the initiatives begun in the previous plan (2013-2017) and includes new initiatives to improve the health of people and on campus sustainability.

To create the plan first a participation process was open to allow all members of the university community to contribute with their opinion.

Until 2017, the university had a Health Plan (2013-2017) and a Sustainability Plan (2013-2017), but now both sectors will be combined to form one: the Health and Sustainability Plan (2018-2022).

The new plan is formed by four pillars, which at the same time are made up of 12 strategic lines. A total of 79 actions have been planned for before the end of 2022:

1- Community Axis (physical activity, healthy eating habits, emotional well-being and responsible solidarity values), with 24 planned actions.

2- Building Axis (energy and water, and waste), including 17 actions.

3- Land Axis (spatial planning, mobility and agroforestry), with 24 actions.

4- Transverse Axis (communication, participation, environmentalisation), with 14 actions.

Another important aspect of the new Health and Sustainability Plan is that the strategic lines are integrated into the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals.

In this area, the UAB is leader among universities, not only in Spain but also among other universities in Europe. It has always held a prominent position in the Greenmetric ranking, which analyses 600 universities across Europe in environmental topics. In the latest edition of the ranking, the UAB was listed as the second greenest university in Spain.


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