Call open for UAB "Talent" grants

Beques Talent

The UAB opens a grant application period for the capture and retention of research talent with the aim of promoting its research activity as a whole across the areas of knowledge present at the UAB. The deadline for submitting applications is 25 September 2018 through this online form.


The UAB aims to award five grants for the contracting of PhD-holding research staff (distinguished and/or ordinary researchers) with an accredited research profile, on a co-financing basis. The grants for contracting research staff have a duration of three years and the value of each grant is €23,541 a year, representing 50% of the total cost of contracting. The remaining 50% of the cost of contracting must be paid by the contractee through their own research projects or contracts or by the research groups of which they form part.

The grants are offered to researchers who can provide certified accreditation of a research period of at least five years, including a post-doctoral period in other universities or research centres during at least two years.

Applications can be submitted through the online form and by attaching curriculum vitae, publications, up to three academic evaluation reports of recognised prestige in respect of the research activity of the applicant, ORCID number, a resources plan that includes the possible sources of funding that lend support to the obligation to co-finance the contract, lines of research to be followed and objectives for the next three years, and the document of acceptance from the UAB department, institute or research centre.

The evaluation of all candidates will be made by the Research Committee, which will assess the quality of scientific production in the last ten years, the direction of lines of research or being the principal investigator in research or transfer projects, and holding advanced research accreditation from recognised entities. The final decision will be made within a maximum period of six months from the deadline for applications (25 March 2019). However, the forecast date for this call for applications is December 2018.

More information: UAB grants for the capture and retention of research talent


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