Second Global Animal Law Conference

Global Animal Law Conference
Global Animal Law Conference

On 10 and 11 July, the university's Hotel Campus will be hosting the II Global Animal Law Conference, organised by the team of the UAB Master in Animal Law and Society in collaboration with the College of Law of Michigan State University and the Center for Animal Law Studies of the Lewis & Clark University.


The conference will include 28 speakers from more than 15 different countries, most of them professors in law specialising in animal rights who have taught and published papers on this subject.

The objective of this meeting is to study and debate on laws affecting animals and the problems and challenges presented by cultural differences at international levels.

The conference, with over 180 people attending, will contribute to setting a legal and academic agenda in the animal rights sector for the following years.

The conference will be inaugurated by Jean Pierre Marguénaud, professor of Private Law at the Université de Limoges, France, with a speech entitled “The emergence of a new legal discipline in Europe: Animal Law”.

The experience of the I Global Animal Law Conference, held ten years ago in the United States, indicates that the event will be both important and ambitious, will a new legal and academic agenda in animal rights for the following years. Updates on the conference will be available online directly from the blog and on twitter with the hashtag #galcbcn.

The conference programme can be consulted at the following website:



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