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Friday, April 21 2017


Seminar on “Killing cancer softly with autophagy: preclinicaldevelopment of a new antitumoraldrug”

Conferences and congresses - Aula Laia AcarŪn (Faculty of Medicine)


On 21 April the Laia Acarín Hall of the UAB Faculty of Medicine will play host to the conference included in the seminar series of the UAB Institute of Neurosciences, entitled “Killing cancer softly with autophagy: preclinical development of a new antitumoraldrug”. The conference will be given by José Miguel Lizcano, member of the Institute of Neurosciences and the Department of Biochemistry.

Place: Aula Laia AcarŪn (Faculty of Medicine)

Date: Friday 21, April2017 - 12:00h

Organiser: UAB Institute of Neurosciences