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Monday, January 16 2017


MRC Technology Workshop: "Collaboration in the development of new drugs"

Research - UAB Research Park's Eureka Building (Sala Polivalent ), UAB Campus


The UAB Office of Evaluations and Patents organises a workshop with the British biomedical organisation MRC Technology to give researchers from the UAB CIE Sphere the chance to learn about the organisation's collaborative research, as well as how they can turn their research into a new drug from which society can benefit. The workshop will be led by Mera Swami, Business Development Manager at MRC Technology.

Thw rorkshop will focus on identifying research projects with new therapeutic targets in an initial stage and from any type of therapeutic area. The organisation offers its expertise in the discovery of new drugs, both in the development of molecules and in therapeutic antibodies. Successful cases of the MRCT include the introduction into the market of four drugs related to cancer, multiple sclerosis, rheumatoid arthritis and ulcerous colitis. 

09:30h Welcome session
09:45h Presentation of MRC Technology
10:30h Questions and answers session
10:40h Individual meetings

Place: UAB Research Park's Eureka Building (Sala Polivalent ), UAB Campus

Date: Monday 16, January2017 - 09:30h