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Wednesday, March 8 2017


I European Conference on sustainable mobility at university

Diffusion, Research - Hotel Campus UAB


Under the U-MOB project, UAB organizes the I European Conference on sustainable mobility at university, in which universities from several European countries and other territories will have the opportunity to share their necessities, challenges and different solutions in the accessibility and sustainable mobility field.

The first part of the encounter will be dedicated to the understanding of the theoretical approaches to sustainable mobility that universities as territorial and social actors are implementing. The current and future tendencies on mobility management will be then discussed, considering the application of green economy theories to transport. Finally, the speakers will illustrate how the governance of universities and territories can shape and condition sustainable mobility management at different scales.

Place: Hotel Campus UAB

Date: Wednesday 8, March2017 - 08:00h

End date: Friday 10, March2017 - 13:00h

Organiser: U-MOB LIFE Project


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