Monday, February 20 2017


"Estudio farmacocinÚtico y farmacodinßmico tras la administraciˇn intravenosa de cisatracurio en la especie porcina", by AdriÓ Aguilar Catalan

Defense of doctoral dissertation - Room Grade - Faculty of Veterinary Medicine

Thursday, February 23, 2017


Visit of professor Dra. Johanna Filip-Fr÷schl

Graduate - Master's Degree in Animal Law and Society


Cinema preview: Zvizdanm, by Dalibor Matanic (2015)

Culture - UAB Cinema

Friday, February 24, 2017


"Searches for new phenomena involving top quarks and Higgs bosons with the ATLAS detector", by Mirkoantonio Casolino

Defense of doctoral dissertation - Seminar Room - IFAE


"Applications of Molecular Dynamics to the study of biolocigal systems", by Laura PÚrez Benito

Defense of doctoral dissertation - Room Josep Manrull - Parc de la Salut del mar


"Effects of Aromatherapy on negative emotions and work and study performance: Heart Rate Variability analysis to assess the balance of the Autonomic Nervous System", by Lin Huang

Defense of doctoral dissertation - Auditorium - Faculty of Arts