Directive plan


The directive plan outlines the objectives and lines of action taken by the UAB. It is the tool which allows to articulate the completion of the electoral programme of the Governing Team. The directive plan specifies university policies for the 2013-2015 period, facilitating
the establishment of priorities and decision-making processes which must guarantee the application of the commitments set down by the governing team.
Once the plan is designed, it will be carried out according to the established developmental procedures. The results will be periodically evaluated using the indicators previously agreed upon. This evaluation serves to revise from time to time the original plan with the aim of
consolidating, modifying or adjusting the original strategy as needed.
The whole university community should be familiar with the directive plan in order to be able to identify and collaborate in achieving these objectives; and that is why the document is included in a PDF file

View Directive Plan 2013-2015 (PDF file)


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