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Victoria Reyes-García, new member of the Academy of Agriculture of France

20 Jan 2023
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ICTA-UAB researcher Victoria Reyes-García was appointed as a new member of the French Academy of Agriculture, in a ceremony that took place on January 4 at the headquarters of the institution, located in Paris.

Victoria Reyes-Garcia ICTA-UAB

Established in 1761 by King Louis XV as the “Société d’Agriculture de la Généralité de Paris (Agricultural Society for the Paris region), it informs the Government and the public opinion of progresses in all aspects of agricultural sciences, being it at national or international levels, and facilitates exchanges between scientists of various disciplines. 

Victoria Reyes-García will be a member of Section 7 on "Environment and territory" and will contribute her expertise to the study of the interactions between natural resources, environmental planning and environmental protection. Works of the Section, since its creation in 1995, have been relied on the triptyque : man, nature and technics, the space management being considered in its ecological, technical, economical, sociological, juridical and ethical dimensions. 


he Section is taking up today the existing relations between three main poles: the Anthroposphere (populations, demography, representations and organizations, social demand), the Biosphere (physical environment: water, soil and climate, natural resources, biogeochemical cycles, ecosystems) and the Technosphere (agricultural practices, space plannings, production systems, management and organization systems).

The study of the relations between those three poles and feedbacks helps to improve understanding of rural and agriculture activities in order to propose some orientations in terms of space planning, environment improvements, and more largely sustainable development.

Victoria Reyes-García will contribute to identify and formulate the questions to update, taking into account the available knowledge, and to emerge new domains.