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Institut de Ciència i Tecnologia Ambientals (ICTA‑UAB)

PhD programme in Environmental Science and Technology receives Excellence Award

07 Mar 2022
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The PhD Programme in Environmental Science and Technology, affiliated to and managed by ICTA-UAB, received the AQU Catalunya's preliminary report corresponding to the evaluation of the programme, awarding it the highest overall assessment: Accredited in progress towards excellence.

Excellence Award PhD ICTA_UAB programme

The evaluation committee highlights the activity of the academic and research staff (for their participation in projects and research groups, as well as publications), the quality and availability of the facilities for students, the number of doctoral theses and the scientific results derived from these, mentioning the high number of publications of each work and the percentage of theses with an international mention.

The report highlights that each doctoral thesis generates an average of three publications at the end of its elaboration. It is particularly noteworthy that more than 80% of the publications are in journals in the first quartile, exceeding 90% in the past academic year. 

The high international component of the centre to which the programme is ascribed (ICTA-UAB) is mentioned positively, which is reflected in the frequent organisation of seminars and conferences. 

The evaluation also refers to the monitoring of the internal quality assurance system of the PhD programme, highlighting that 40% of teaching staff is dedicated exclusively to research work.

The evaluation report has come after the process that began with the drafting of the Self-Accreditation Report, a document that collects all the data reflecting the evolution of the programme since its implementation in the 2013/14 academic year, followed by the visit of the External Evaluation Committee and ending with this final assessment.