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Ivan Savin among top five nominees worldwide for the USERN prize in Social Sciences

19 Oct 2022
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ICTA-UAB researcher Ivan Savin has been named among top five nominees worldwide for the Universal Scientific Education and Research Network (USERN) prize in Social Sciences.

Ivan Savin ICTA-UAB

For the 7th consecutive year, USERN organizes its Congress and Prize Awarding Festival on November 10th, 2022, in Muscat, Oman.

USERN prize is an international award, which is annually bestowed to junior scientists or researchers less than 40 years of age for any novel advancement or achievement in scientific education, research, or serving the humanity in five major scientific fields including Formal Sciences, Physical-Chemical Sciences, Biological Sciences, Medical Sciences, and Social Sciences.

This year, USERN have nominated more than over 10,000 eligible candidates and received over 250 merit applications for USERN Prize 2022. Organizers have selected 5 top candidates for each field, among which Ivan Savin.

Ivan is a postdoctoral research fellow within the ERC project “Behavioral-evolutionary analysis of climate policy: Bounded rationality, markets and social interactions” (EVOCLIM) at ICTA-UAB. Before that, he served within the KIT-BETA project devoted to general purpose technologies, creativity and sustainability (2015-2018) and was a postdoc for four years at the Friedrich Schiller University and the Graduate College "The Economics of Innovative Change" (2011-2015).

 He received his PhD from the Department of Economics of the Justus Liebig University of Giessen (Chair of Econometrics, supervisor Prof. Dr. Peter Winker) in 2011. In 2017 he habilitated at KIT with the thesis titled "Applications of Evolutionary Optimization and Modelling in Economics"

Given all that, his research interests naturally include agent-based models, economics of innovation and climate policy analysis.