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One of the globalization side effects is the arrival of new species from abroad. UAB researchers have studied the effect of two invasive species that reached the archipelago of Madeira. Against what was widely believed, and published, these intruders have not affected significantly the species of indigenous ants.


UAB and CREAF Scientists have demonstrate that the changes involved in the forest structure after a wildfire also imply changes in the animals that lived before. In order to validate its hypothesis, the investigators have studied ones of the most sensible communities to the changes in plant cover: the ant communities.


Islands are specially vulnerable spaces to the invasions of exotic plants. UAB researchers have validated this hypothesis in the case of the Oxalis pes-caprae plant species. They have studied its presence in the Balearic Islands. The results show that Oxalis reproduces much more in the islands than in other Spanish continental zones.

Vinagrella (Oxalis pes-caprae)