Master's Degree in Psychobiology and Cognitive Neuroscience

Offer up-to-date knowledge for students to learn how the brain organises and controls mental processes and behaviour

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  • UAB Master's Degree (Continuing Education)
  • Code: 1725/17
  • 17th edition
  • Modality: Online
  • Credits: 60 ECTS
  • Start date: 18/09/2023
  • Finish date: 04/08/2024
  • Places: 100
  • Orientation: Academic
  • Price: 3960 €
  • Teaching language: Spanish
  • Location: online

Analysis of the nature of the mind and its relation with the brain, how we perceive the world thanks to the different senses and how we respond to it thanks to our motor processes. Motivational processes such as hunger, thirst and sex are especially focused on. 

A very important and extensive thematic block reflects on intelligence processes, covering both brain mechanisms and attention control, emotions and feelings and learning and memory. How the brain learns, remembers and forgets is a subject of particular consideration as well as everything concerned with language and human communication. 

But this master’s degree course also includes section on the evolution of the brain and human behaviour, genetics of behaviour, neuropsychological assessment, neuroimaging of mental processes and cognitive neuroprotection. The course therefore contemplates all the facets of the mind and human behaviour, offering extremely valuable knowledge for practical application in any professional specialism or exercise in the world of science, social sciences and the arts.

Career opportunities

Specific to the area of neuroscience in psychology, biology and medicine.

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Coordinating centres

Instituto de Neurociencias

Collaborating centres

Viguera Editores, SL
Departamento de Psicobiología y Metodología de las Ciencias de la Salud


Marta Montolio Rusiñol

Phone: 932478188

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