- Nature of the mind and behaviour.
- Basic physiology and anatomy of the nervous system.
- Sensory perception and nervous control of movement.
- Dreaming and motivation (biological rhythms, sleep and wakefulness, hunger and thirst, sexual and parental behaviour, reinforcement and addiction).
- States of mind and processes of intelligence (attention, emotion, learning and memory, language, conscience).
- Evolution of the brain and mental functions.
- Phylogenetic evolution of human behaviour.
- Genetics of cognition and behaviour.
- Neuropsychological evaluation.

Subject Credits Type
Introduction and sensory and perceptual systems
15 ECTS Obligatory
Sleep and motivation
12 ECTS Obligatory
States of the mind and processes of intelligence
12 ECTS Obligatory
Evolution of the brain and mental functions, Genetics of cognition and behaviour; Neuropsychological evaluation
12 ECTS Obligatory
Master's Dissertation
9 ECTS Obligatory

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