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Virtual exhibition on pastoral commons

08 Mar 2021
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The exhibition 'Territories of life on the edge. Pastoral Commons of the Mediterranean Mountains in the 21st century', coordinated by researcher Pablo Domínguez, was premiered last March 1st , at the Virtual Museum of Human Ecology, with almost 100 photos, videos and texts.

Exposició virtual sobre comunals pastorals

It is the first Temporal exhibition of 2021. Pastoral commons of the Mediterranean mountains are pastures conserved, generation after generation, by local communities of herders, through a reasoned governance, implying a permanent negotiation and communitarian decision-making to assure a sustained use of the pasture year after year and a egalitarian access to all its members.

The exhibition has been curated by Pablo Dominguez, associated researcher of the ICTA-UAB and the UAB Department of Social and Cultural Anthropology, and developed with the contributions from 23 people from sis countries (Spain, France, Morocco, Montenegro, Serbia and Turkey), belonging to several research, cooperation and media fields. Among the authors of the exhibition are Francisco Godoy, Pau Senosa, Adrià Peña and Montserrat Ventura, researchers from the Department of Cultural and Social Anthropology of the UAB.

The exhibition includes both pintures and audiovisual materials. It is recommended not to use a mobile phone but rather a computer screen to view the exhibition:


Entrance to the exhibition

Entrance by countries
Morocco: https://museoecologiahumana.org/en/obras/on-the-long-trail-morocco-transhumant/
Spain: https://museoecologiahumana.org/en/obras/other-forms-of-life-spain-the-community-united-we-stand/
Montenegro: https://museoecologiahumana.org/en/obras/a-tale-of-beauty-and-corruption-montenegro-friction/
Turkey: https://museoecologiahumana.org/en/obras/fading-commons-turkey-flow-with-the-flock/