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UAB Digital Humanities Network

The Network

Foto de presentació de la Xarxa d'Humanitats Digitals

With the idea of ​​promoting digital transformation and learning in the fields of the humanities, and the interest of the research groups of the university to increase the number of digital humanities projects and its visibility, the UAB Network of Digital Humanities was born in 2016.

The network is supported by the University Research Office and is recognized as a subnet of the CORE in Cultural Heritage. The network intends to effectively articulate the capacity of groups and research centers, scientific and technical services, technology parks and large infrastructures involved in research, education and dissemination activities of the humanities and digital heritage.

The UAB Network of Digital Humanities increases the competitiveness of the members, adding efforts in terms of visibility, coordination of activities and exchange of resources and information. In addition, through the network, a close interaction is achieved with regional, national and international policy makers, as well as a growing presence in the Catalan territory.

With more than 20 members covering a broad sector of the humanities and social sciences such as art, philology, philosophy, history, archeology, musicology, anthropology, sociology, law, economics and communication sciences, the network has a strong presence of ICT Research Centers that provide solutions for the application of new technologies in the area of ​​Humanities, such as computer vision, artificial intelligence or big data.