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The ECIU adopts its first gender-equality, diversity and inclusion plan

19 Apr 2023
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With the adoption of this first plan, the ECIU makes gender-equality, diversity and inclusion an integral part of all ECIU research, innovation and education processes, and in the day-to-day work of everybody involved. The ECIU Board, presided by UAB Vice Rector for International Relations Màrius Martínez, adopted the plan on 10 March 2023. 

Màrius Martínez presentant el pla d'igualtat

With the adoption of its first gender-equality, diversity and inclusion plan, the ECIU makes diversity and equality a priority of the ECIU’s management and of all of its activities. With this plan, UAB Vice Rector for International Relations and current ECIU President Màrius Martínez explains that “the document is a live tool which must be fundamental in effectively guaranteeing opportunities for all individuals, regardless of gender, sexual identity, origin, beliefs, disabilities or age". Martínez also stated his satisfaction in incorporating this tool into the ECIU “in the initial phases of the university’s development - even before its ’start-up’ phase” since it will help “not only to demonstrate the ECIU’s commitment clearly, but also to make it a reality”. 

As a consortium of innovative universities, ECIU believes that equality and diversity are a driving force for innovation. ECIU strongly believes that more attention needs to be paid to addressing existing inequality and lack of diversity, access and inclusion to enable society to tackle the challenges of today and tomorrow. “A new international, European, 21st century university cannot focus strongly enough on gender and equality-based issues as a means to provide effective opportunities for everyone, not only when participating in university activities, but also in exercising the responsibilities that are developed”, Màrius Martínez stated. 

As stated in its 2030 Vision, the ECIU aims to develop an open system of innovation, and hence of accessibility and inclusivity – which means that no department or group is left out and that everybody feels welcome and included. Therefore, diversity – embracing and taking into account differences between individuals and groups – and equality – providing equal access to resources, opportunities and participation (including decision-making) – are of key importance. Consequently, the ECIU Board adopted the Gender Equality and Diversity on 10 March 2023.  

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