network call for prizes for the best TFG and TGM in health promotion


To promote healthy environments and lifestyles, and raise awareness about this topic among the community, the First Prizes for the Best Final Projects in Bachelor's Degrees and Master's Degrees related to health promotion topics and Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) have been convened.


The Xarxa network, as part of the collaboration agreement between the Government of Catalonia (Ministries of Research and Universities and of Health) and Catalan universities, has announced the bases for the first ever Prizes for the Best Final Projects in Health Promotion related to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), with the aim of promoting healthy environments and lifestyles, as well as raising awareness about this topic.

At the same time, the network aims to foster incorporating the perspective of health promotion into teaching and increase an interest in research. The main objective of this new category of prizes is to award recognition to the excellence students demonstrate with these Final Projects in terms of health promotion and in relation to the SDGs. The call for the first prizes is organised by the University of Barcelona, given that it is the university currently presiding the Xarxa network.

A total of six prizes will be awarded: three for the best bachelor's degree final project (TFG) and three for the best master's degree dissertations (TFM). Each prize consists in a diploma from the Ministry for Research and Universities and the Ministry for Health of the Government of Catalonia, as well as a €1000 cash prize.

To participate in the call, students must have presented their TFG or TFM in any of the universities of Catalonia in the 2020/21 or 2021/22 academic years and received a final score of "Excellent".

For more information on the call and conditions for applications please visit: Convocatòria dels Premis de la Xarxa Catalana d'Universitats Saludables als millors treballs finals de grau i màster en l'àmbit de la promoció de la salut en relació amb els ODS – 2022 (in Catalan)

This information is related to the following SDG

  • Good health and well-being