Adolescents, risky behaviours and emotional well-being, in a scientific conference at the UAB

Taula presidencial de la I Jornada Científica sobre Adolescents, Conductes de Risc i Benesta

The UAB hosted the 1st Conference on Addictions, Well-being and Mental Health on Youth and Adolescents on Friday 12 April from 9:15 a.m. to 2 p.m. at the Faculty of Arts & Humanities. Organised by the Stress and Health Research Group (GIES) of the UAB, it discussed crucial issues such as cannabis abuse, binge drinking in adolescents, and problematic use of the internet among young people.


Current research on cannabis abuse, binge drinking in adolescents or problematic internet use, among other topics, was presented.

The UAB organised a scientific conference focused on the emotional well-being of young people,  risky behaviours and their impact on public health. Organised by the Stress and Health Research Group (GIES), it aimed to be a unique platform to exchange knowledge and experiences among experts and professionals in the field of mental health and psychology.

The conference - which formed part of the UAB's Year on Mental Health - featured a programme that included a keynote lecture and presentations of current research, as well as practical experiences and panel discussions moderated by prominent leaders in the field.

The inaugural table was chaired by Professor Tatiana Rovira, UAB Vice Rector for Quality, Professor Ander Chamarro, Dean of the Faculty of Psychology, and Professor Joaquim T. Limonero, coordinator of the GIES, who welcomed participants and highlighted the importance of addressing these crucial issues in contemporary society.

The inaugural lecture entitled "Young people and partying, an (im)possible relationship?", was given by Joan Colom, Deputy Director General of Addictions, HIV, STIs and Viral Hepatitis of the Public Health Agency of Catalonia, who shared his experience and knowledge on this relevant topic.

In addition, current research on cannabis abuse, binge drinking in adolescents or problematic internet use, among other topics, were presented, providing a comprehensive view of the challenges facing young people today.

The conference also included practical experiences of community prevention in emotional well-being and prevention of risky behaviours, as well as discussions on the challenges and opportunities to promote well-being on the UAB campus.

The conference ended with a round table in which experts discussed key issues and shared ideas for future research and preventive actions.

The UAB and GIES reaffirmed their commitment to research and promotion of the emotional well-being of young people, and mentioned their hope that this event be an important step in this direction.

This conference received the support of the Government Delegation for the National Plan on Drugs (ref. 2020-006) and the collaboration of the Community Oriented towards Strategic Challenges in Mental Health of the UAB.

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