The UAB launches its Coexistence Committee

Comissió de Convivència

The UAB Coexistence Committee will see to it that any conflicts arising between members of the university community be solved through alternative means of mediation.


The UAB Coexistence Committee was set up with the aim of resolving any conflicts that may exist between members of the university community through alternative means of conflict resolution.

This committee is made up of three representatives of the teaching and research staff, three representatives of the technical, management and administration and services staff, and three representatives of the student body, and its main functions are:

To channel initiatives and proposals to improve coexistence at the University, and to formulate proposals in this area.

To promote the mediation mechanism to try to respond to any conflicts that may arise due to a breach of the Rules of Coexistence (approved by agreement of the Governing Council on 16 March 2023).

To propose the body or person responsible for mediation to the parties to a coexistence conflict, who must explicitly accept it.

To process the mediation procedure as an alternative to the sanctioning regime for students, in accordance with the competences of the Coexistence Committee.

Requests for mediation, complaints and denunciations that fall within the Coexistence Committee's scope of action may be sent via e-mail to or by any other legally admissible means.

For more information please visit: UAB Rules for Coexistence (in Catalan)