Catalan and Spanish courses for foreign learners

Imatge Matricula Oberta Setembre 2019

The Language Service offers courses in different language and different formats. Find out more!


Avaliable mornings, middays and afternoons, we provide attendance-based, semi-attendance-based and virtual classes. We also offer courses in Catalan and Spanish for foreign learners.

Basic Catalan courses 1 and 2 (semi-attendance-based) are free of charge; Basic Catalan 3 (semi-attendance-based) helps you reach level A2 in the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.

If you are part of the UAB academic staff, all Catalan courses that you take are 100% subsidised.

Spanish courses are of 60 attendance-based hours’ duration and are 25% subsidised for students on a mibility or exchange programme.

Click here for further information on Catalan, Spanish and a range of other languages.

Any questions? Contact us by email at, by telephone on 93 581 13 25 or through our social media (InstagramFacebookTwitter)


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