Grants, financial aid and calls for Applications

The UAB is offering 90 grants to students taking first- and second-cycle and official Masters, to study with the Language Service during the current academic year.

10 grants are reserved for those who are not currently registered at the UAB and who will finalise their enrolment for courses at the Language Service in the next academic year.

The UAB is also offering 40 grants for intensive summer courses organised by the Language Service during the moth of July.

Grants for the third languages programme (PARLA3)
If you are in the first, second or third year of your Bachelor’s degree at the UAB you can apply for a grant to study English, German, French or Italian or to take the B2 exam in any of those languages.
The Generalitat de Catalunya is awarding grants for the accreditation of level B2 in third languages for students who started their degree course for the first time in 2014-2015.
The programme includes three types of grant: Mode Alevel accreditation and Mode B and Mode Cfor taking a course if you haven’t yet got level B2. if you want to apply for a grant, click the links.
For more details about the Parla 3 programme go to the web page El teu futur parla idiomes.

Language call for applications

In 2018 the UAB is offering a series of language grants within the provisions of the university’s Plan for Languages, available to the different groups: academic staff, administration and services staff and students:

Language learning grants for students doing curricular internships abroad
Bachelors and Master’s degree students and PhD students registered in any of the centres of the UAB who can accredit having a curricular internship abroad and certify that they have taken a language course can apply for a grant for their language studies.
Language learning grants for academic staff
This call for applications is for academic staff language learning and There are two types of grant for lecturers at the UAB who want to improve their knowledge of foreign languages generally and those who specifically want to improve their English in order to promote teaching using this language at the university.
Grants for the correction of teaching materials in English and Catalan
This call for applications is to facilitate the correction of teaching materials in English for lecturers who teach in that language. Lecturers who teach on degree and official Master’s courses may apply.
Grants for organising seminars and conferences on the management of multilingualism in university education
These grants are for seminars and conferences that have made a contribution to the management of multilingualism in university education in 2018 in any area of knowledge.
For more information about grants and support go to the following link:


Convocatoria de becas para cursos intensivos en el Servicio de Lenguas de la UAB
Convocatoria de becas para estudiar en el Servicio de Lenguas de la UAB
Call for application for language learning grants for students undertaking degree-related work experience abroad (2018)
Call for applications: support for correcting teaching materials in Catalan or English (2018)
Call for grant application for the organisation of conferences and seminars on multilingualism in education (2018)
Call for applications: financial support for language-learning available to UAB teaching staff (2018)