The CONRIS network

The CONRIS network

CONRIS (Cooperation Network for Risk, Safety and Security) is a university network with accredited Bachelor’s degree programmes which aims to give more visibility to studies in the area of risk, risk prevention and security on a European scale and generate common and exchange programmes.

The network was established in 2007 and initially brought together educational institutions in Germany and Holland to offer joint information on courses in the area of risk prevention and security.

Later, it expanded and became a jobs network. It currently includes as members prestigious and accredited universities which undertake collaboration projects and exchanges of ideas in innovative fields of the area of security and risk prevention.

To join the network, centres have to make an application and fulfil a series of requirements. Once a year member universities meet to consider new applications.

The institutions of CONRIS have signed mobility agreements to allow researchers and students to take part in the international weeks organised or other events such as the summer school.

The School for Integrated Risk Prevention and Security of the UAB was the first university in southern Europe to become part of this prestigious university network.