International Exchange

Summer School

The CONRIS network organisation an annual summer school with a specialist theme, to allow lecturers, professionals and students in the area of security and risk prevention to come together.

The summer school aims to analyse new phenomena in our area of knowledge and establish common ground among the different working cultures of the universities who make up the network.

The CONRIS summer school encourages students to carry out multidisciplinary and multicultural projects with the aim of finding practical solutions to practical cases. These are some example of previous editions: 

  • 2021: EPSI hosted the Summer School on urban security: "Building Urban Security: A social approach".
  • 2020: Cancelled due COVID-19 pandemic restrictions.
  • 2019:  Hosted at Hamburg’s NBS Northern Business School (Germany): "Leadership in the Eye of the Storm": Crisis Management in complex urban environments.
  • 2018: Hosted in Portsmouth (England): “From global to local: offering security in difficult times”
  • 2017: Hosted in Antwerpen (Belgium). 
  • 2016: Hosted in Espoo (Finland), where the refugee crisis was assessed, with consequent proposals from a security and prevention perspective.

Further information: CONRIS Summer School