University Master's Degree in European Union-China: Culture and Economy

Cultivating specialists to join the labour market in the European Union, China, Taiwan, Singapore, Hong Kong, Macau or Latin America, in companies, institutions or non-governmental entities.

Teaching staff Official Master's Degree in European Union-China: Culture and Economy

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Minkang Zhou
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Dr. Minkang Zhou

Academic Management 


Amelia SÁIZ

PhD in Intercultural Studies, sociologist, UAB lecturer. Studies contemporary East Asian society from the perspective of women's social position and gender studies, focusing on China. Has studied the Asian communities in Spain and their process of settlement, and intercultural relations in the context of the family, education, work and the economy.


PhD in Linguistics and Philosophy. Specialises in negotiation, conflict resolution and intercultural communication. Philologist and translator of nine languages. Main research interests: intercultural studies, gender studies, applied linguistics and critical discourse analysis.


PhD in Political Science, social anthropologist. UAB lecturer and East Asian Studies coordinator. Has broad research experience (InterAsia research group) in contemporary Chinese society and culture. Has been a researcher at the University of Beijing and director of the Confucius Institute Foundation in Barcelona. Lines of research: the Chinese diaspora, especially aspects of education, health, religion, work, economy and popular culture of the Chinese presence in Spain.


PhD in Economics and Business Studies. Tenured lecturer at the Abat Oliba CEU University (UAO CEU). Specialises in international economics and macroeconomics. Has written several articles on globalisation and its effects on the emerging economies. Lines of research: the effects of financial liberalisation, the economies of Latin America and East Asia, economic globalisation.

Xianghong QU

PhD in Translation, Interpretation and Intercultural Studies from the Autonomous University of Barcelona and since the 2008-2009 academic year she has been an associate professor at the UAB teaching different subjects related to Chinese language and culture, translation and interpretation of Chinese and Spanish and intercultural studies of the Spanish-Chinese world.

Minkang ZHOU

PhD in in Intercultural Studies. Coordinator of the master's degree. Bachelor's degree in Hispanic Studies obtained in China, master's degree in Business Administration obtained in the USA, PhD obtained in Spain. Has published books and articles on linguistics, culture, society, politics and economics in the Hispanic-Chinese world, with emphasis on intercultural factors. Specialises in the implantation of commercial and industrial operations in China and Spain.


PhD in Political Science and International Relations. Tenured lecturer at the UAB. Coordinator of the Research Group on International Relations in Asia (GIRIA): made up of young researchers from different Catalan universities, affiliated to the Institute for International and Intercultural Studies (IEII-UAB), and collaborating with the CIDOB Foundation. A key academic figure in lines of research on Latin America-Asia relations and on Central Asia.


Diploma in Advanced Studies in Public International Law and International Relations. Lecturer in International Relations at the UAB and Ramon Llull University. An expert on European Union foreign policy. Researches at the Observatory on European Foreign Policy. Lines of research: Regional Studies of Sub-Saharan Africa, EU Foreign Policy, and the international system of cooperation for development.

Josep Manel BRAÑAS

PhD in Economics. Emeritus lecturer at the UAB. Has studied at universities in France, Belgium, the USA and South Korea, conducting research on Asia and, more specifically, South Korea. Lines of research: foreign trade and commercial relations between Spain and Asia.


PhD in Geography and associate professor in the Department of Geography of the Autonomous University of Barcelona. Professor at the FUAB Formació School, in the Degree in Tourism and in the official master's degrees in Tourism Management of Cultural Heritage, Management and Organization of Event Tourism and Management of Hotel Businesses. He has carried out consulting and research in the field of sustainable tourism and is the academic coordinator of the Postgraduate Degree in Ecotourism and Nature Guide and the Doctorate in Tourism.


PhD in History. Graduate in Economics and Business Studies. Lectures in the Department of Applied Economics, UAB and collaborates with the CSIC research group: Asia-Pacific Studies. Lines of research: economic history and economy of contemporary China.


PhD in Economics. Tenured lecturer in the Department of Applied Economics, UAB. An expert in European regional and agrarian policy, he has participated in several European research projects in the fields of agricultural economics, rural development and the environment. Has worked as a consultant in the design and evaluation of public policies for regional and national administrations and for the European Commission.


PhD in Economics and tenured lecturer in the Department of Applied Economics, UAB. Has wide-ranging research experience and has coordinated the Spanish team on several research projects on agricultural development commissioned by the European Commission and the Spanish Ministry of Agriculture. Has participated in different exchange networks between universities in Latin America and Europe. Lines of research: economics and development policies.


Bachelor's degree in Law from the UAB. Practising lawyer since March 1985, mainly in employment law and company law. Lectures at several bar associations and universities. Lines of research: Chinese and European legal systems in company law.

Josep Mª COLL

PhD in International Relations. Graduate in Business Management and Administration. Has wide-ranging international experience, mainly in Asia, where he has lectured in marketing and innovation at several universities. Member of the research group on Political Economics of Integration (GREPI) at the UAB. collaborates with Casa Àsia and the CIDOB Foundation. Member of the studies commission for the development committee of the European Parliament. Consultant on development and project evaluator for the European Commission. Lines of research: role of the private sector in inclusive development, eradication of poverty, sustainability.


Bachelor's degree in Economics and master's degree in Public Relations and Communication Offices from the Autonomous University of Barcelona. Associate professor of applied economics at the UAB and the Barcelona Graduate School of Economics. She stands out in her experience as a partner and co-founder of a cooperative specializing in urban mobility and distribution, a consultant in the management of European projects and a dozen projects from different entities.


Businessman and lawyer at GV, legal advice office in Barcelona. He is a veteran professional in the field of EU-China legal relations, and provides valuable professional experiences in the classroom, enlightening students to face challenges in their future business career.


Professor of Law and Political Science Studies. Expert in political science and international relations, China's political system, international relations theory, foreign policy and regionalism in the Asia-Pacific.


Entrepreneur, senior advisor and expert in the management of SMEs, with the focus of achieving better results by reinforcing the strategy and business and commercial implementation of agile and innovative methodologies. She brings excellent real-life marketing and SME cases to the classroom in order to inspire and enlighten students to imbibe the entrepreneurial spirit in the EU-China business field.