Official Master's Degree in Hotel Management


The official master's degree in Hotel Management is the result of officially recognising the UAB's MBA in Hotel Management, with 18 previously offered editions, one of the oldest programmes of its kind in Spain.

The programme presents the opportunity to link future professionals with one of the most dynamic and powerful economic sectors of the world, tourism. In recent years, tourism, accommodation and hiring modalities have revolutionised the sector and increased tourist demand in number and in variety. The hotel sector has met this new demand by incorporating new types of accommodations managed by versatile, flexible professionals with in depth expertise in hotel operations and corporate management.

The official master's degree in Hotel Management has been conceived with a view on overcoming the lack of hotel chain managers, and provides a solid base in business management and sectoral specialisation. The programme is imparted fully at university level and with the teaching quality that the UAB is known for.

The master's degree combines academic training offered by lecturers from a prestigious and renowned university as is the UAB, together with managers from the world's main hotel chains. It also offers a complete work placement programme with 18 years of experience and adapted to fit the needs and profile of each student.

Career options

Career options are mainly focused on the areas of hotel management and consultancy.

Within hotel management you will be able to advance professionally in any of the following areas: general management, operations, quality, finances, expansion, marketing and commercialisation, and human resources departments, applied to both small hotel businesses and large chain hotels.

In the case of hotel consultancies, you may participate in projects related to viability, strategies, commercialisation, e-commerce, revenue management, quality management, hotel expansion, etc.

Teaching timetable

Wednesday, Thursday and Friday from 16:30 to 20:30h (4:30-8:30pm).

The Master's Degree in Figures

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Academic calendar

Official UAB

40 places
Credits: 60 ECTS
Beginning of the pre-enrolment period 11/01/2019
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Pre-enrolment open

€115 / credit. This includes taxes and student insurance.
10% disc. Alumni Premium

Course begins on 16/10/2019
Course ends on 15/09/2020
Faculty: School of Tourism and Hotel Management (affiliated school)
Language: Spanish (90%) and English (10%)
Coordinator university:

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