University Master's Degree in Zoonoses and One Health

Training multidisciplinary health professionals ready to handle the highly complex challenges of the 21st century  

General information

  • UAB University Master's Degree
  • Credits: 60 ECTS
  • Course begins on 01/10/2024
  • Beginning of the pre-enrolment period 12/01/2024
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  • Pre-registration period: Closed
  • Places: 25 places
  • Teaching timetable: Afternoons
  • Price: €27.67 per credit (EU citizens and non-EU holding an EU residence permit). 2023/24 Academic year.
    €82 per credit (non-EU citizens who do not hold an EU residence permit). 2023/24 Academic year.

  • Language: English
  • Mode: Classroom-based learning
  • Teaching centre: Faculty of Veterinary Medicine
052 Master's Degree in Zoonoses and One Health

One Health: the best strategy for protecting the health of the population. Do you want to be part of it?

This is a profession-oriented international master's degree programme that responds to the need for highly qualified professionals, with well-rounded, multidisciplinary training that encompasses human, animal and environmental health. On the programme, you will learn to work effectively and collaboratively on preventing, monitoring, managing and informing on biological hazards and infectious diseases in the new scenarios brought about worldwide by globalisation and climate change. This is what One Health is all about:  defending and improving the health of all species (humans, animals and plants) through greater cooperation between professionals who work in public health, animal health and environmental health.

To provide this highly specialised training in One Health, this master's degree is delivered with the help of experts from several departments and hospitals associated with the UAB, from institutions like the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC), the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA), the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO), the World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE) and the Pan-American Health Organisation (PAHO), and from other universities, such as the University of London in the UK, or the University of Toulouse in France. Students are presented with different challenges relating to global health in order to help them perfect the skills that a One Health professional needs. In addition, they can visit several specialist laboratories, including the level 3 biocontainment unit in the IRTA‑CReSA Animal-Health Research Centre, and even do their final project in them if they wish.

Career options

The Master's degree aims to train up highly qualified professionals to work in both the public and the private sector, with a multidisciplinary vision, in line with the requirements of the major international health bodies, like the World Health Organisation (WHO), the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) and the World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE). The Master also offers the access to national and international PhD studies.  

Students of this master's degree can go on to pursue careers in any of the following areas.

  1. Risk assessment in general for any sector included in the programme (public, human, animal, plant and environmental health), including monitoring of critical flowchart points for illnesses, in:
    1. Private companies (food, pharmaceuticals, hospitals, veterinary medicine, phytosanitary products)
    2. Centres conducting research into public health, animal health or environmental health.
  2. Risk management in advisory and consultancy services for policies on detection, surveillance and control of diseases in:
    1. Government bodies at regional, national or international level.
    2. Non-government, non-profit organisations (NGOs) and private healthcare organisations.
  3. Research in the field of health and access to PhD studies.



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