Official master's degree in Zoonoses and One Health

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Content Official Master's Degree in Zoonoses and One Health

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Master description

The university master's degree in Zoonosis and One Health comprises 60 ECTS credits, is taught over one year divided into two semesters, and consists of six compulsory modules, five of which are content modules and the sixth is that of the master's dissertation.

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Teaching timetable

Key dates:

September 28th.  (Sala de Graus):

  • 14-15H. Introduction to the "one Health" concept (Katinka de Balogh. FAO)
  • 15-16h. Welcome and presentation of the master

Course hours: Monday to Friday from 3:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. Teaching will be done in person (whenever the health situation allows it).
Start of the course: September 28th. at 3:00 p.m. 

IMPORTANT: The schedule may be modified depending on what the health authorities decide according to the evolution of COVID-19.

Study plan structure


Type Credits
Compulsory 45
Master Thesis 15


Module Credits Type
Master's Degree Dissertation 15 OB
Methodologies Applied to the Multidisciplinary Environment of One Health 9 OB
Multidisciplinary Application of One Health in Emerging Zoonoses and in Special Situations 9 OB
Multidisciplinary Application of One Health in Food-Borne Zoonoses and Food Safety and Security 6 OB
Multidisciplinary Application of One Health in Major and Endemic Zoonoses 9 OB
One Health: Introduction, Health Policy and Epidemiological & Statistical Methods 12 OB


OB: Compulsory