Official Master's Degree in Social Policy, Employment and Welfare


The master's degree in Social Policy, Labour and Welfare is an advanced academic programme offering theoretical, methodological and practical skills. The master's degree offers two specialisations: one in research and one in professionalisation, and is associated with the PhD programme in Sociology from the Department of Sociology of the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, which has received a mention of Excellence from the Ministry for Education.

The origin of the master's degree dates back to 1997, as part of the DESE programme. After that, three important modifications were registered. The first in 2006, with the beginning of European Higher Education Area programmes, in which it received the name of official master's degree in Labour and Social Policy. The second occurred in 2012, when the programme evolved into what it is now, with the name of official master's degree in Social Policy, Labour and Welfare, into which the master's degree in Research in Applied Sociology was included. The third modification, in 2017, with an extension of the optional modules. The programme lasts one academic year. It consists of 60 ECTS credits, including compulsory and optional modules, and offers its own work placement programme.

The master's degree participates in two mobility networks for students and lecturing staff, the European Labour Studies and the Eagles network. Each year students of this master's degree choose to enrol in optional credits in a variety of European universities, such as Leuven, Toulouse, Trier, Milan, Florence, Lyon, York, Bucharest, Abo, and many others. It also receives many students from abroad each year.

The master's degree includes prestigious lecturing staff members with scientific production from the consolidated research groups forming part of the programme. The programme's professors have ample experience in teaching and research specialising in social policies, in the reformation of the state of welfare, in employment and equality policies, in educational and immigration policies, in addition to being specialists in the most advanced research methodologies and techniques. In addition, the master's degree includes the collaboration of lecturers from other European universities participating in the international mobility networks.


Career options

The Master's degree in Social Policies, Labour and Welfare provides essential advanced and specialised training for a wide range of professional careers: in consultancy firms, public administration, professional assessment firms, assessment of equality policies, social integration policies, business associations, trade organisations, foundations, NGOs, etc.

Teaching timetable

Official UAB

30 places
Classroom-based learning
Credits: 60 ECTS credits
Beginning of the pre-enrolment period 11/01/2019
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Pre-enrolment open
Price: €46.11 per credit (EU citizens and non-EU holding a Spanish residence permit). 2019/20 Academic year.
€75 per credit (non-EU citizens who do not hold a Spanish residence permit). 2019/20 Academic year.
Course begins on 30/09/2019
Faculty: Faculty of Political Science and Sociology
Language: Catalan (50%) and Spanish (50%)
Coordinator university: Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona
Other participating universities:Mobility programmes for the specialisation in Labour, Gender and Welfare include the European Labour Studies network and the universities of: Leuven, London School of Economics, Warwick, Milan, Florence, Toulouse, Bremen, Trier, ICSTE Lisbon and Ljubljana. More information.

The EAGLES mobility programme includes the universities of: Lyon 2, Toulouse Le Mirail, ABO Academie, Lausanne, Geneva, Bucharest and South Bohemia. Places are limited and selection criteria will take into account your academic transcript, languages and curriculum vitae. More information.

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