University Master's Degree in International Relations, Security and Development

Do you want to be ready to work on new dimensions and actors in security and on different sustainable human development models from a global perspective? Then com join us!

General information

  • UAB University Master's Degree
  • Credits: 60 ECTS
  • Course begins on 02/10/2023
  • Beginning of the pre-enrolment period 12/01/2024
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  • Pre-registration period: Open
  • Places: 45 places
  • Price: €27.67 per credit (EU citizens and non-EU holding an EU residence permit). 2023/24 Academic year.
    €75 per credit (non-EU citizens who do not hold an EU residence permit). 2023/24 Academic year.

  • Language: Spanish (70%) and English (30%)
  • Mode: Classroom-based learning
  • Teaching centre: Faculty of Political Science and Sociology

How are welfare, development and security managed in international relations, with an additional European emphasis, and a non-Western-centric perspective and a perspective of social change?

No other master's degree in International Relations in Spain will offer you such a comprehensive analysis of the international reality and an in-depth view on security and development-related problems.

Advantages of this master's degree:

a)    It is oriented towards political sciences.
b)    It is offered at the faculty in which the largest number of professionals have studies since 1986, with the most important group of critical lecturers and researchers in international relation of the country and one of the three top centres in Spain.
c)    It offers specialisations in Security and Development and in the European Union.
d)    It is a versatile programme which can help you on your way to a PhD programme or start a career as a professional in the security, development and European Union sectors.
e)    It offers a variety of optional subjects, with three compulsory modules (a common module, another one depending on your specialisation and the Master Thesis) and two optional ones to be chosen out of a total of five.
f)    Its academic profile is clearly internationally oriented, with common and compulsory modules on non-European regions and optional modules on relevant regions such as East Asia and the Arab world.

Career options

The master's degree in International Relations, Security and Development offers advanced and specialised training catering to the needs of a wide variety of career options (task assessment, management and development in international organisations, in organisations of the European Union, in non-governmental organisations devoted to cooperation and development tasks, etc). This training is useful to both graduates in political sciences and those from other similar fields (law, history, journalism, economics, etc.). It also offers solid training for future professionals from unrelated fields but with interest in working in an international environment (engineering degrees, the fine arts). The MURISD programme offers undoubtable added value to the academic training of graduates from a variety of fields, in an environment in which interdisciplinarity is viewed positively.

Therefore, the MURISD offers an advanced study programme which enables students to adapt themselves to highly qualified professional fields such as the following:

  • Research: Students will have acquired the skills needed to begin advanced research in international terms, carrying out activities which can contribute to new advances in scientific knowledge, conducting exhaustive and rigorous analyses on complex international phenomena and transmitting their knowledge in formats adapted to different types of audiences.
  • international organisations, NGOs, public administration, policy makers: students will be able to develop and carry out tasks related to directing, management, coordination, studying, evaluating and planning in any of the public administrations, political institutions and public organisations operating at European Union and international level.
  • Private sector: students will be prepared to carry out highly qualified assessment, consultancy and assistance tasks in the private sector with companies which are very active internationally.

Work placements


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