University Master's Degree in Translational Research in Physiotherapy

The master's degree was created to meet the need of greater development in scientific knowledge in the field of Physiotherapy, based on the approaches of Evidence-Based Physiotherapy (EBP)

Content Official Master's Degree in Translational Research in Physiotherapy

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Master description

The master's degree, of the research type, comprises nine modules, taught in two four-month blocks over a single academic year.

The degree programme includes a compulsory core element for 50 ECTS credits, which covers evidence-based science, translational research methodology, statistical analysis and the master's dissertation, and an optional element (10 ECTS credits ) in which students can choose from among modules on different topics in physiotherapy application.

Compulsory modules have a shared teaching system, in which the organisation and the teaching take place at both teaching centres. The organisation of the optional modules depends on one of the centres.

The theory components of the modules, both compulsory and optional, will be delivered through on-site face-to-face classes, the online campus (similar to Moodle) or videoconferencing to students at both centres simultaneously. In the optional modules that involve practical classes students will have to travel to the teaching centre where these modules are taught.

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Course ends on


Study plan structure



Type Credits
Compulsory 35
Optional 10
Master Thesis 15



Module Credits Type
First year    
Applied Statistics in Health Sciences Research 10 OB
Information Management and Knowledsge Transfer 10 OB
Master’s Degree Dissertation 15 OB
Practical Application of Advanced Clinical Techniques 3 OB
Scientific Evidence and Translational Research 12 OB
Advanced Techniques Applied to Cardiorespiratory Pathology 10 OT*
Advanced Techniques Applied to Pain 10 OT*
Advanced Techniques Applied to Sport 10 OT*
Advanced Techniques Applied to Urogynaecology and Visceral Digestive Pathology 10 OT*
Artificial Intelligence, Simulation and Virtual Reality Applied to Health Research 10 OT*

* Optional, you must take 10 credits


OB: Compulsory
OT: Optional