Official master's degree in Translational Research in Physiotherapy

The master's degree was created to meet the need of greater development in scientific knowledge in the field of Physiotherapy, based on the approaches of Evidence-Based Physiotherapy (EBP)

Teaching staff Official Master's Degree in Translational Research in Physiotherapy

Course coordinator

Jordi Esquirol Caussa
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Master direction

Jordi Esquirol Caussa.

PhD from Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (Internal Medicine programme). Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery. MSc in Bioethics and Law (UB). MSc in Preventive Medicine (the UB). MSc in Clinical Gerontology (UAB). Research coordinator in physiotherapy (EU Gimbernat). Director of the University Physiotherapy Research Service (EU Gimbernat). Lecturer at the EU Gimbernat (UAB-affiliated centre). Doctor at the Teknon medical centre in Barcelona.



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