University Master's Degree in Neurorehabilitation

These comprise a set of highly specialised modules that are interesting and useful for professionals working or interested in the world of neurological disability

Content Official Master's Degree in Neurorehabilitation

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Master description

The syllabus is divided into modules, which are in line with the programme's general objectives and the competences to be developed. The university master's degree in Neurorehabilitation consists of 7 modules, all of which are compulsory.
  • Classroom-based modules: 1 module of 12 ECTS, 2 modules of 9 ECTS and 2 modules of 6 ECTS
  • Practical module: 1 module of 9 ECTS
  • Master's Dissertation: 1 module of 9 ECTS

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Course ends on


Study plan structure



Type Credits
Compulsory 36
Master Thesis 9
External Practicum 15



Module Credits Type
Master's Degree Dissertation 9 OB
Neurorehabilitation and Physical Activity 6 OB
Physiopathology and Therapeutic Approaches of Spinal Cord Injuries 9 OB
Physiopathology and Therapeutic Approaches to Brain Damage and Neurodegenerative Diseases, in Adults and Children 9 OB
Principles of Neuroscience 6 OB
Research and Innovation in Neurorehabilitation 6 OB
Work Placement 15 OB



OB: Compulsory