University Master's Degree in Prehistoric Archaeology

The UAB offers the only master's degree specialising in Prehistoric Archaeology in Spain. It prioritises hands-on, interdisciplinary training, and forming part of research teams of renowned excellence.

Content Official Master's Degree in Prehistoric Archaeology

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Degree obtained:

Official master's degree in Prehistoric Archaeology

Master description

The master's degree in Prehistoric Archaeology is worth 60 ECTS credits, distributed in four types of modules: mandatory, optional, placement and final project. There are eight modules of six credits, of which three are mandatory, and one module of twelve, corresponding to the master's degree final project. There are no specialisations, but the variety of options in modules with analytic content allows students to follow a learning path suited to their academic and professional prospects.

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Teaching timetable

Class sessions will begin at 4:00 p.m. and end at 7:00 p.m.

Study plan structure



Type Credits
Compulsory 12
Optional 30
Master Thesis 12
External Practicum 6



Subject Credits Type
Archaeology, Space and Time: Social Theory and Computational Methods 6 OB
Master's Degree Dissertation 12 OB
Social Archaeology: Theories, Methods and Discourses 6 OB
Work Placement 6 OB
Archaeobotanics: Social Management of Plant Resources 6 OT*
Archaeozoology: Social Management of Faunal Resources 6 OT*
Human Osteoarchaeology: Anthropological Analysis of Social Groups 6 OT*
Pottery: Production and Use 6 OT*
Archaeometallurgy: Production and Use 6 OT**
Introduction to Biomolecular Archaeology 6 OT**
Lithic Artefacts: Production and Use 6 OT**

* Assignatures optatives a escollir
** Assignatures optatives a escollir


OB: Compulsory
OT: Optional


Discontinuation of courses

All optional subjects are not scheduled each year.

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