University Master's Degree in Prehistoric Archaeology

The UAB offers the only master's degree specialising in Prehistoric Archaeology in Spain. It prioritises hands-on, interdisciplinary training, and forming part of research teams of renowned excellence.

Content Official Master's Degree in Prehistoric Archaeology

Study guides

The information currently available corresponds to the subjects offered during the 2024/25 academic year. If you wish to consult the information included in a study guide not found on the list, please visit the Digital Repository of Documents. The complete information of all the subjects of the Degree can be consulted in the Study Plan and timetables section.

The information on the languages used in each subject can be found in the study guide for each subject.

 44477 - Archaeology, Space and Time: Social Theory and Computational Methods (2023-24)

 44486 - Master's Degree Dissertation (2023-24)

 44476 - Social Archaeology: Theories, Methods and Discourses (2023-24)

 44485 - Work Placement (2023-24)

 44478 - Archaeobotanics: Social Management of Plant Resources (2023-24)

 44483 - Archaeometallurgy: Production and Use (2023-24)

 44479 - Archaeozoology: Social Management of Faunal Resources (2023-24)

 44480 - Human Osteoarchaeology: Anthropological Analysis of Social Groups (2023-24)

 44484 - Introduction to Biomolecular Archaeology (2023-24)

 44482 - Lithic Artefacts: Production and Use (2023-24)

 44481 - Pottery: Production and Use (2023-24)